Aztec Mermaids for my first fashion post!

Well...all that excitement about my first blog and it took until now to publish a "real" post complete with pictures! Ha! I think that this is the first summer that I actually am not feverishly creating stuff for my class day and night. There will still be plenty of craft/creating posts thrown into this blog during the summer, but I am really trying to relax and enjoy my summer doing things that I normally don't have the time (or energy) for during the busy school year! It's so important for us teachers to take care of ourselves so that we can be our best selves for our students during the school year!
One of my favorite things is fashion and supporting local small businesses trying to grow. When I discovered several months ago, I was excited to see their sweet whimsical prints for both the littles and the not so littles. The sweet owner of this San Diego based shop sent me one of their latest prints to model . I was so excited to receive this lovely package and wear this comfy shirt that expresses my "bohemian side" in a fun and casual way. I paired it with an old bright melon maxi skirt from Target and a mermaid colored headwrap from Anthropologie ( bought over a year ago).

If you like the style of this printed t-shirt,  I invite you to go check out Alice and Ivory's etsy shop ! It's filled with lots of fun and cute tote bags, prints, shirts, headwraps, and sweet baby clothes for your friend's next baby shower (or your own)! And no...I don't get any compensation for this post or for promoting this shop!

Have a great week everyone! Keep on enjoying your summer and making your dreams a reality! Stay tuned for a patriotic craft coming next!

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  1. Keep the fashion posts coming! I love all things beauty and fashion. Looking forward to seeing and reading more on your latest tips and discoveries =)